Friday, December 16, 2011

right now

it's friday.  the kids are on christmas break.  i am exhausted.
here's what's happening right now.

time: 5:24
listening: to andrew play video games and sofia watch tv.
wondering: what we will be having for dinner.  the kids had pizza at their holiday parties today so that won't work. and to be honest i would love to not have to cook tonight.
loving: that we get to spend the next 2 weeks together, even bobby will have the time off.
planning: a few play dates for the kids next week.  i love that they want to see their friends over the break.
opening: our big boxes from amazon.  i was able to order a lot of our gifts this year from them.
hoping: to wrap them all tonight and scatter them under the tree.
excited: to have a date with bobby tomorrow.  what shall we do?
wanting: to sign up for this workshop again for next year.  it was a life changer for me.
 feeling: peaceful and thankful for a great year.

this was a good week for us.  normally i am stressing and running around.  i did some of that.  but i also got a lot done.  a lot.  so i feel good about having the kids home for the next two weeks.

i did the party hop today.
starting in kindergarten with sofia's class party.
then jordan's middle school lunch.
and andrew's class.  they had a book exchange party.

looking forward to celebrating christmas with bobby's family on sunday.  good food.  gifts for the kids.  joy for everyone.

hoping your week was productive and that you have excitement awaiting you this weekend.


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