Monday, December 19, 2011

weekly menu: week 51

just checking in to post our very menu.  lots going on this week.  celebrating and eating will be a huge part of it.  looking forward to it.

making this week::
monday: whatever is in the house.  it's been a long weekend.
tuesday: eat out.  see monday.
wednesday: celebrating hanukkah with friends
thursday: turkey noodle soup.  i've got some turkey bones ready to be used.
friday: pizza
saturday: christmas eve with my family.  haven't decided on the menu.
sunday:  christmas here.  haven't decided on the menu.

as you can see i still have a lot to think about this week.  

jordan and i are headed out on an adventure today.  so i'm out of here.  maybe i'll update once the menus have been set.

happy monday!

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