Friday, December 30, 2011


the year ...
celebrated 4 weddings
welcomed 2 new babies into our extended family
paid $4.09 a gallon
had 2 monte carlo nights - but never went to vegas
ate gourmet at the food trucks
said goodbye to weekday preschool with heavy hearts
went to palm springs - twice
made tortillas and fresh squeezed orange juice
made friendship bracelets
visited 5 missions
went to summer concerts
upgraded to iphone 4s

got 372 points in scrabble
performed one amazing wedding ceremony
was a guest lecturer for a university
didn’t get injured in softball - did i mention that half of the games were postponed due to bad weather?
wrote something that’s the talk of the town
turned 40 with style

surpassed his goal in baskets
went to yosemite and inspired us to go
went to his first rock concert
made it through 3 rounds of mock trial
took 14 seconds off his butterfly
grew 5 inches and 2 shoe sizes

played a lumberjack, an oompa loompa and a bully
learned a lot about the mayans 
took the field for the cardinals
pitched two innings
went away to science camp
had a baseball birthday party
made us laugh with his wit

turned 6
lost 6 teeth
got 6 shots
was a flower girl twice
amazed us on stage
started kindergarten
made friends with ease
grew up way too fast

put life in focus
saw my little sister get married
read a book that will stay with me forever the help
ran my first 5k
and my second
wrote 228 blog entries this year
went to chicago for one of the last tapings of the oprah show
took some cool food photos
spent time with a faraway friend
had an amazing girls’ weekend
accomplished many of my goals
what a year.
what an unforgettable year.
looking forward to 2012 and all it has in store for us.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful year you had! All of you accomplished so much! Here's to an even better 2012! Grandma