Friday, December 2, 2011

five on friday:: looking forward to the weekend

my computer may crash if i add even one more photo to my library.  i will spend some time today backing up my photos and transferring them off of my computer to a hard drive.  so for now no pictures.

besides that, here's what i'll be doing this first weekend of december.

1. playing with our new iphones.
finally they are here.  i cracked the screen on my phone about a month ago and have been making do.  but when bobby's phone crashed it was time to replace both of them.  he got black and i got white.

2. casino night and taco guy
celebrating bobby's 40th - vegas style with a little mexican food thrown in.  it's gonna be good!

3. getting my haircut.
i am in such need.  wondering if i will go short or keep it this length... stay tuned.

4. decorating the tree
it's been up all week but without any ornaments.  i think we'll do that tonight while we enjoy some pizza and a bloody mary.

5. working on my december daily
loving what i am seeing already.  and i love this post from ali.  exactly why and how i am tackling this project.

have a great weekend.

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