Thursday, December 1, 2011

birthdays and december daily

i know that i should take this time to say something amazing about my wonderful husband who is turning 40 today.
i know i should have prepared an emotional post where i declare all of the qualities that i love and cherish about this man.
i know i should have uploaded pictures of him growing up and that show him at his best, or worst.
i know that he deserves words of praise and honor.

and i may have something like that.
but i may be waiting until later to share.

for today i simply want to say...
i love you with my whole being.
i wish you happiness and fulfillment.
i am so very thankful for everything you do.
have the happiest birthday ever.

can't wait to party!!

on another note:
today is the first day of december and the first day of my december daily.  i put together this album to record those magical moments that we will experience throughout the month and that i don't want to forget.  i'm great about keeping up but terrible about posting.  i'm thinking once a week would work.  you can also follow along with others here or by clicking the december daily icon on the side bar to the right.  this is supposed to be a fun project.  i'm not going to stress about it.  i'm keeping it very simple and going to take this time to play along and have fun.

happy december!!

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Beannie said...

Awesome, can't wait until Saturday. Love you babe!