Thursday, December 18, 2014

our weekend in 3 photos

kind of a fun challenge to try to describe our weekend using just 3 photos.  let's see how i do.

 friday night we took the kids to rockwell in los feliz to see the 10th anniversary concert of fellowship, a musical parody of the lord of the rings.  we saw it 10 years ago in a small theater in north hollywood with our good friends.  we bought the soundtrack, took other friends and family to see it and basically quote it all day long.  so when they announced the reunion of the original cast for the anniversary we knew we had to bring the kids.  we took the subway from universal and walked a few blocks to the restaurant.  we had dinner, watched the show and then said hello to the cast afterwards.  it was a lot of fun.

close 2nd: photo of us with one of the cast members.

saturday sofia and i went to the mall to do some christmas shopping.  she needed a dress for the holiday concert and some winter clothes - long sleeved shirts and pants.  she also wanted to spend some of her birthday money at target.  so we made a stop there too.  i saw these words in front of a store and had to snap her picture.  she does sparkle and shine.

close 2nd - photo of a dinner party we attended that night.

sunday we took part in the chatsworth parade with the kids' school.  earlier this year we won an auction item at the gala to drive the golf cart down the street.  we decorated it and invited sofia's friends on board. andrew got to hang out in the back.   the girls waved at people and sang holiday songs as loud as they could.

close 2nd - photo of the carolers that came to my dad's christmas party that night.

and that's our weekend in 3 photos (and lots of words.)

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