Monday, December 1, 2014

happy monday

this is not a monday like any other monday.
it's the monday after an incredibly happy week and weekend.
it's the monday the kids all go back to school and we go back to work.
it's the monday that rings in the month of december and holiday celebration.
it's the monday we start eating healthy again.
but it's also something very special.

this monday is his birthday.
and i'm not sure what it is about this year but i feel like this birthday is a big deal.
he worked hard this year and saw success.
he had visions that became (or are becoming) a reality.
he learned some hard lessons but gained a lot of confidence.
he taught me to learn from the tough moments and move on - always move on.
he supported our family, financially and emotionally and we are so grateful.
his strength grew - thanks to the gym and his generous heart.
he kept his priorities a priority.
he restored his camaro and reignited an old hobby.
he played baseball with andrew,
and softball with sofia.
he drove band trucks and sold concessions for jordan's band.
he went to water polo and football games.
he was the kids' biggest fan.
he put up pop ups and movie screens, gave speeches and lead the way for our school.
he walked through the difficult times holding my hand.
he made us laugh and cry (while we were laughing).
he did things that mattered
and let go of things that didn't.
he stood up for us.
he has always been the greatest man i've ever known but this year he was even greater.

happy birthday.
i love you.

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