Wednesday, December 31, 2014

oh what a year!

i love the beginning of a new year.  the possibilities, the thought of what it will hold for us, the wonder of the things we will see (and eat), the memories we will make (and document.) i am so excited for 2015!

but change can be difficult.  closing that calendar and starting a new one is bittersweet for me.

i am ready to start a new year and to make it a better year.  2014 was... challenging mixed with amazing.  it was a series of mistakes and right choices.  a few unfortunate circumstances and lucky breaks.  moments of complete frustration and pure glee.  bobby and i have said to each other throughout the year, "this is a strange year."  the highs and lows, the good and the bad.  we had it all.

but the incredible thing is we can remember and take with us everything that was good about 2014 and leave behind everything else.  fresh starts rule!

so here's a bit of what made this year unforgettable.

2014 was the year...
we celebrated chinese new year in san francisco, and hung out with friends from school.

we took a private cooking class from a chef and had way too much fun - thanks to our friends!

i ran

and added another13.1 miles to my collection.

i read a book that i will never forget.

he played,

and played,

and played.

we celebrated happy birthdays,

happy mother's day,

happy father's day,

and just happiness.

he was a dodger.

she made her first communion.

we learned

and practiced.

we drove dream cars

and classic cars.

he built with legos, lots of legos.

we spent 10 days in paradise, and survived a rocky boat ride.

we ate good food

 and amazingly, good food.

 we made pies.

and kahlua bread pudding.

we drank wine on a bus (not while it was moving).

we had wine from "our" vineyard. (where we buy our grapes)

we replaced what was stolen.

we celebrated 20 years of partnership

and hard work.

we watched it come to life.

we passed the baton (and they ran with it.)

we went on an adventure with loved ones.

we drank way too many chestnut praline lattes

 and took awesome family photos.

 and awesome selfies too.

we loved and laughed and cried and drove and watched and coached and volunteered and hiked and studied and worked and flew and sang and danced and wrote and captured and made the most of the past 365 days.

and now we're ready for whatever is next.

and i predict that 2015 will be the best year yet!

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Sarah said...

Awee, you brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful blog. I'm striving to stay as current, and present as you are in your documentation of your lives.