Monday, September 22, 2014

2014 weekly menu | week #39

chocolate chip banana bread for our pto meeting last week.
making some this week for us.
we have definitely fallen off the whole30 program after completing the 30 days in august.  we brought it all back; sugar, dairy, gluten, legumes, and an occasional drink or 2.

this week it's all about figuring out the balance in our life.  enjoying the good stuff but being aware of how we that makes us feel; feeling tired vs. being full of energy, restless sleep vs. a good night's sleep, feeling heavy vs. feeling light.  eating right makes a huge difference and all it takes is awareness and some prep work.

weekend eats
saturday: pizza at our school's movie night
sunday: appetizers at a cocktail party

making this week
monday: seared ahi tuna salad
tuesday: bbq chicken, broccoli and cheddar baked potatoes
wednesday: turkey burgers, oven fries
thursday: carnitas tacos, salad
friday: pizza - if we don't make it to the football game

enjoy your week!

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