Monday, September 29, 2014

2014 weekly menu | #40

bread pudding with kahlua sauce that i made for a school social.
lots of evening events this week which always makes dinner planning that much more important.  what i need to work on this week is prepping so that i'm not rushing when i get home to get dinner on the table.

we have 2 evening meetings, band rehearsal, softball practice, a home football game and the first band parade of the season.  so we will likely not have a meal at home with the five us together.  some weeks are just like that.

weekend eats
saturday: seafood boil for our 3rd grade social
sunday: burgers and hot dogs to celebrate family birthdays

making this week
monday: chicken pomodoro paninis, caesar salad
tuesday: bbq salmon, green beans, mashed potatoes
wednesday: carnitas tacos, salad (moved over from last week)
thursday: vietnamese vermicelli bowl with chicken, spring rolls
friday: home football game

i'm trying to step out of our usual meals and looking for inspiration in other cookbooks, cultures and resources.  there is so much good food to try.

have a great week.

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