Tuesday, September 30, 2014

around here | september

as september winds down and we head into the "busy holiday season", i realize that i didn't do a good job of documenting some of the fun stuff that's been going on around here.

i never posted the first day of school photo for these two.  he's in 7th and she's in 3rd and so far the year has been great for both of them.  he's on a block schedule and taking fencing as his elective.  she is working hard and loves her teacher.

the water polo team had their first game in the new pool.  and they won both games!

jord's been playing a lot more and the team is getting better.  he's scored 8 goals this season, a huge improvement from last year.

she started playing softball 3 weeks ago and is loving it.  we knew she would be good at it but we are so happy she is enjoying being on a team.  she's gotten some good hits and has the biggest cheering section.

another fun gig for encore at guitar merchant.  the kids get better every time they perform.

and of course there's football games and halftime shows.  the band is in transition with a new director but they are doing well.  first halftime show featured songs from pirates of the caribbean and indiana jones.  this friday it's avicii.

got over the hot days last week and enjoying the cooler fall weather, just in time for it to heat up again this weekend.

my sister and i took a calligraphy class and we are having fun playing around with our supplies.  i'll be ready to address holiday cards if anyone wants me to.

and then there was movie night at school.  such a great event on our beautiful campus.  there was a family picnic, games, cake walk, dance-a-thon and cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2.  this is the first event for the new pto board and they rocked it.

the band was asked to play at a taping of a reality tv show at notre dame.  the reveal is top secret but i'll share details when the episode airs.

i volunteered during the junior retreat at notre dame when they visited a senior living facility whose residents have alzheimer's and dimenstia.  it was tough to see but inspirational to watch these young kids help out with feeding, singing and talking to these adults.  their slogan for the 3 day retreat is "let's go make a difference." and i think they did.

bobby and i went to the 3rd grade parent social over the weekend.  the host family went all out with a seafood boil.  we had lobster, crab, shrimp, and clams.  there were biscuits, corn, potatoes and sausages.  the decor was perfect and we left with full bellies. 

working on some of these mini 4x4 albums to document our toronto trip.  and the gold one is for a getaway in november that i'm so excited about.

pushing myself to get back to working out.  i've got a good schedule of running and yoga.  now i have to add some strength training and other cardio.  it's hard to get motivated when i'm not training for a race.

looking forward to october.

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Sandy said...

<3...Can't wait to see how your 4x4's come out. They're so cute! ;)