Monday, September 15, 2014

2014 weekly menu: week 38

shrimp po'boy with caramelized onion from the gabardine in toronto
it was quite a week last week.
still wrapping my head around all of it.
not quite back on schedule here.
time change.
school starting.
everything in full swing.
this heat is brutal.
i do not feel like cooking.
tough schedule this week; 2 back to school nights, softball practice, band practice, water polo game, but no football game.
seriously considering having ice cream for dinner every night until it cools down.  

weekend eats
saturday: leftovers
sunday: eat out - mexican food

making this week
monday: cobb salad
tuesday: ravioli with marinara
wednesday: tuna melts, kale chips
thursday: chicken and apple sausages, grilled vegetables
friday: pizza

hope your week cools off!

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