Friday, July 25, 2014

some things | 7.25

something to read  - me before you by jojo moyes.  i'm not much of a book critic so i won't give you a detailed book report.  but i will say that this was one of those books.  the kind that makes you miss it when you're not reading it.  the kind where you're thinking about the characters and what they are doing.  the kind when you finish the last page you sigh.  it was one of those books. 

something to make - a mini book.  i love the color scheme of this one and how all the different elements fit together.  i'm already thinking about our next getaway and how i want to document it like this.

something to do - take a hike. i've been running in the (early) morning with the ladies from our running group on trails around town.  they are all really challenging but so beautiful.  it's inspiring to run and see the sunrise above the mountains.  if you're local, try the lymkiln canyon and the aliso canyon trails in northridge.

something to eat - lychee.  i found them at trader joes and we were so excited.

something to watch - 112 weddings it's an insightful documentary on hbo about life after you say "i do". the director was a wedding videography who followed up on the couple's whose weddings he shot to find out what their life is like now.  such a great concept.

something to listen to - growing your creativity on elise blaha's podcast series.  i listened to this episode at the gym the other day and i couldn't wait to go home and make something.  i get stuck a lot creatively and it stalls me in so many ways.  i realize that i have to do something creative everyday.  it's who i am.

something to try - watercolor fruit. pineapples are popping up  in fashion and in art.  it would be fun to draw, paint and add to our kauai book.

something to be excited about - the toronto film festival announced it's lineup and guess what? the reach was picked as one of the films. we couldn't be more excited. check out the side bar for bobby's credit. looks like someone is going to toronto in september (and someone else may tag along.)

have a great weekend.

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