Wednesday, July 9, 2014

around here | july

mentally i am still here.

but at least i can enjoy my coffee in my hawaii starbucks mug.

and i grabbed one of these while we were there.  i love seeing some of the other cities that have cards.  will have to remember that as we are out and about this summer.

not wishing the summer away - or ready for school to start - but i love my new calendar.  i gave up on the filofax idea a while ago. completely inspired by this.

we are doing some home improvement and have recently added this brick planter and new rose bushes. plus our gardner brought out grass back to life.

spent fourth of july at my sister and brother-in-laws' new home.  we watched the fireworks from their balcony.

grabbed some photos with our new 35mm lens that we got for our trip. it takes amazing video too (wink wink).

went for a run on monday for the first time in a month.  and it was not an easy run, but it was beautiful.  thanks ladies for encouraging me along the way.

is soccer not the biggest sport right now?  this crowd gathered at the small cpk bar in the mall on saturday.  we watched the shoot out of the costa rica vs. netherlands game.  the sound of the crowd cheering was incredible.

at out house, water polo is still #1. i couldn't make it to the game yesterday, so bobby face timed the last few seconds.  they won one and lost one.  not bad.

working on transitioning out of one role at one school and into a new role at another school.  volunteering rocks.

around here life is awesome!

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