Monday, July 7, 2014

2014 weekly menu: week 28

4th of july sundaes
this feels like our first real week of summer.  the weeks after school got out were spent preparing for and then going on our trip.  then last week was a short work and water polo week.  but this week is real summer.

getting things organized and cleaned up around here. driving to and from water polo practice and games.  hopefully getting to the pool or on day trips with the kids.  and definitely enjoying our free time.

weekend eats
saturday: dinner out to watch our friend's band play - they were amazing!
sunday: sushi

making this week
monday: bbq grilled salmon, broccoli slaw, corn
tuesday: pizza
wednesday: kahlua pork and cole slaw sliders, pineapple
thursday: eat out
friday: shrimp fritters (from trader joe's) and fried rice

trying to recreate two things we had on our trip - kahlua pork and fried rice.  for the rice i will substitute sausage for the shrimp.

it's gonna be a good week.

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