Tuesday, July 1, 2014

let's start at the very end

it's hard coming back from vacation. especially one as good as we had. back to real life.

our flight home was great. almost 5 hours.  much easier and shorter than our flight out.  no turbulence, no air sickness, just one crying child.  lots of time to reflect on our trip and take deep breathes and hope we can do this again. but it's difficult to come back.

it might be the 3 hour time difference.  we had "dinner" last night after our flight at 11.  we all went to bed at midnight, which was 9pm just the day before.   it's 11:30am and the kids haven't had breakfast yet.  we are on a totally different time schedule.

this morning after 10 days together, we had to say goodbye to bobby as he headed back to work. thank goodness it's a short work week.  there are suitcases and laundry baskets all over the living room.  although the fact that we are unpacked and started laundry is an accomplishment.

as we sorted the clothes sand was flying everywhere, a reminder of the days on the beach.  our shoes are caked in red dirt from our hikes to see the waterfalls.  shell leis were broken in travel, reminders of our welcome as we visited 2 new churches.  our bathing suits and towels were the most used items in our suitcases.  empty sunscreen bottles and finished books reflect time well spent.

i unpacked a few souvenirs purchased during our stay.  the lilikoi jam, kona coffee, and island soaps, some to give away and some for us. vanilla beans to make our own vanilla and chocolate bars from the chocolate farm tour because chocolate is good for you.  surfer's salve for the incredibly annoying bug bites, of which i came home with the most - over 50! one bottle of koloa white rum and one bottle of rum punch - you can kind of guess what that's for. and one pink ukelele.

i spent most of the flight home organizing our pictures and videos.  i'm sure it will come as no surprise that we took over 1,200 photos and videos.  i'm not sure how i will narrow them down to post here on the blog or include in our vacation album.  but looking at the photos helps to relive the memories and unforgettable experiences; surfing, boating, hiking, eating, dancing, swimming, listening, smelling, sleeping, reading, playing, tasting, laughing, shopping, thinking, feeling, resting, sunning, loving.

it's good to be home.  ready to share all of these memories with family and friends, in person and on this blog.  but for now i have laundry and grocery shopping to do, and breakfast might be good.

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