Monday, March 31, 2014

2014 weekly menu: week 14

eggs benedict with homemade turkey sausage and a killer hollandaise from the humble bee cafe
some weeks i feel so uninspired to menu plan.  everything sounds "eh", nothing sound appetizing and the whole thought is daunting.  and some weeks the menu comes together just like that (insert finger snap.)

not sure if that's based on what i ate during the week, or even what i didn't eat that makes me crave it.  or i watched cooking shows or read through cookbooks (doing a little more of that these days). i feel like i could menu plan for the entire month.  using last weeks menu with lots of things i didn't make and still want to. the start of a new vegetable garden. reading about better eating. watching documentaries about food. that could go either way - either i don't want to eat anything ever cause it's all poison or it inspires me to cook healthy homemade food from scratch.

this week we have some events which means less days or less people eating together.  last week, with the kids on spring break, we ended up not eating at home as much as i anticipated and our schedule was out of whack.

let's see how it goes this week.

weekend eats
saturday: sushi at a new to us place - we loved it
sunday: mexican food at a new to us place - we loved it

making this week
monday: tortellini with sausage - from last week
tuesday: pizza
wednesday: sesame honey chicken, brown rice and green beans
thursday: eat out - swim meet, baseball game and school art show
friday: flounder milanese with arugula and tomatoes - from last week

and 1-2-3 this menu is done. (insert another finger snap).  have a good one.

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