Friday, March 7, 2014

this weekend i will celebrate another birthday.  it feels like it came all of a sudden. maybe it's because it's at the beginning of the month or because we have been so busy productive over the last few weeks that i haven't had any time to think about it.

but this past week i have given some thought about what i want for this coming year.  at the beginning of the week i thought this post was going to have a list of things that i want to do, experience, see and eat over the next 365 days.  but as i thought about it,  i realized that what i want from this year is more.

it's not about counting the books i read but about reading books that make me laugh, think, cry, connect, learn something.  if i read one book all year and it does all that i'll cross it off the list.  

it's not about going to 10 new restaurants this year but about eating meals that blow my mind or make my tastebuds go "wow. i want more of that."

it's not about finishing my project life album or starting 5 creative projects but about recording more of our story with pictures and words and about being creative.  it can be on the blog, in an album or in a notebook.  

when i blow out my candles on sunday, here's what i'll be wishing for:

more adventure
more laughter
more freedom
more productivity
more deep breathes
more peace
more confidence
more security
more knowledge
more space
more discovery
more experimenting
more silliness
more stillness
more care
more kisses
more love

looking forward to a great weekend.

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