Monday, March 17, 2014

2014 weekly menu: week 11 & 12

the dessert table at nd's mother's guild meeting. i made creme de mente cookies.
last week was different. it was post birthday and i think i was overwhelmed from all of the fun and craziness of the weekend that i just didn't have time to sit at my computer and write.  my favorite quote was on monday when bobby texted me:

"is it possible to be hungover from an entire weekend without drinking?"

the answer was yes.

last week he worked late into the night, andrew had baseball, jordan had a swim meet and band practice.  i had a dinner at notre dame.  we went in 20 different directions.

what we ate last week
saturday:  cooking class and dinner with friends - one of the funnest nights in a long time with the best food!!
sunday: birthday dinner after sofia's performance - not quite what i anticipated but it was a long day
monday: asian glazed drumsticks, rice, broccoli (never made the previous week)
tuesday: kids had in n out with grandpa, i made dinner for our mother's guild
wednesday: chicken, salad, shells and cheese
thursday: school dine out at panda express
friday: pizza and salad

weekend eats
saturday: pizza at the mother-son bowling event
sunday: lemon chicken, hummus and rice from a mediterranean restaurant

and that brings us to this week

making this week
monday: bbq chicken quesadillas
tuesday: baked ziti, salad
wednesday: turkey burgers, kale chips
thursday: crock pot sesame chicken, rice and broccoli
friday: flounder milanese with arugula and tomatoes, orzo pasta

we had a wonderful weekend. busy on saturday and completely laid back yesterday.  i spent the day watching cooking shows and super soul sunday and read half of this book. this morning i took yoga and i'm feeling energized, with a great attitude. despite the jolt this morning it 's a great way to start the week.

this week i'm getting ready for a 10k on saturday, followed by a baby shower and andrew's first baseball game on sunday.  hoping to stay energized (and in a good mood) all week!

happy st. patrick's day.

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