Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 menu: week 10

chicken pho - i think i was the only one that enjoyed this.
enjoying a day off for the young kids today.  this means i have to change up my monday schedule but i'm ok with that.  we're still in our pi's, relaxing and taking a breath.  feels good.

weekend eats
saturday: pizza and salad to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday
sunday: oscar viewing party - all kinds of goodies

making this week
monday: turkey meatball spinach tortellini soup
tuesday: quick jambalaya
wednesday: panko crusted salmon, mashed potatoes, salad
thursday: asian glazed drumsticks, rice, broccoli
friday: veggie and cheese pizza - it's lent so no meat on fridays

this week we are getting ready for sofia's performance on sunday, finishing a book report, going to jordan's first swim meet, celebrating mardi gras, starting 40 days of lent, running, going to a cooking class, having teacher conferences and oh yeah, celebrating a birthday.

now you know why we are really enjoying the time off today.

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