Friday, March 28, 2014

our weekend in photos: a race and a shower

not the kind of shower you think of after a race (of course i took one of those too.)  i'm talking about a baby shower.

this weekend marked the halfway point in my training for the half marathon.  i'm feeling ready, but definitely need these next weeks of training to get me to the finish line.

since starting on this half marathon craziness 3 years ago i've been doing this 10k race in agoura.  it's a similar course to the solvang one.  and it's so beautiful.

the weather was perfect that morning.  overcast and fresh but not too cold. i met up with others from our group and we went up to the starting line.
this scene is getting comfortable for me.  but this was my first race since the half last may, so i was feeling a little anxious.  getting back into training after taking 8 months off has been difficult and frustrating.  talk about starting over.  but i felt strong.  i know this is a process and i'll keep working and getting stronger.
and then we were off.
i managed to get this shot in one of the prettiest sections of the course.  that's my sister-in-law in the middle.

it was challenging for sure.  two big hills toward the end of the race, one that i had to walk, and a steep downhill that hurt my knees.

i ran with energy and excitement.  i always run hoping to get a personal record (pr).  but i knew leading up to this race that i was running slower than last year.  like i said starting over sucks.  i kept reminding myself that this is where i am right now. i'm making improvements and doing much better then when i started in january.  and of course my trainer's voice pops in my head "you can't train desire." i finished 2 minutes slower than last year but 1 minute faster than the first time i did this race (and that year i ran a pr in the half.)

and no matter the time, crossing the finish line feels just as good amazing.
i grabbed my medal and some water... and bagels, pancakes, and pineapple juice.  everything tastes so good after you've given your all.
we met up again for some pictures and then it was time to go. huge congrats to debbie on her first 10k! you were awesome.  can't wait to see you after the half marathon.

as luck would have it, the next phase of my weekend took place in thousand oaks, just 10 minutes from agoura.

i was able to take a (real) shower at kenzi's family's house and get ready for the baby shower of our cousins jeff and kenzi.

this is their first baby and it's going to be a boy!  my kids can't wait to have a new baby cousin in the family.  they're suckers for adorable, sweet babies - but who isn't?

the shower was so sweet.  
and the food was delicious.  a lot of our family favorites.

loved these pretty, easy and delicious fruit tarts that tara made.

the games were fun and there were lots of presents.
this beautiful quilt was handmade by my mother-in-law.
decorating diapers was a cute idea for guests.  too funny.

and the favors as guests left.  

sofia and i stayed in t. o. with family even though it was close enough to go home. we weren't ready to say goodbye to aunts and cousins.
the girls got some swimming in before bed.

sunday morning we had breakfast at the hotel.
and spent time catching up, sharing photos and stories about running, marching band and life.  
there may have been some shenanigans back in the room.
and lots of hugs before we said goodbye.

the baby is due around the time of my half marathon in santa ynez.  how cool would it be to run the race and then go to their house and meet the baby?  

wishing you a good weekend.

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Nancy said...

Thanks! That was fun all over again! :)