Friday, February 28, 2014

inspired by 2/28

i peruse the inter webs a lot.  it inspires me. whether i am looking at pinterest, scouring for recipes, doing some good reading (or writing on occasion) i am inspired.  and it makes me happy.

i feel like i am in a constant state of inspiration. looking for ways to wake me up, get me going, do things better, find solutions, be calm with myself. it's about being open and accepting.  challenging myself and listening. i love the feeling.

i am adding a new category on my blog.  "inspired by". all things that make me feel something, or want to do, make, or find something. and maybe in some way it will inspire you.

check it out:

this to do list. 

i keep many lists on all kinds of notebooks and paper.  i have a paper agenda, yeah i'm old school like that.  but it's too big to carry around.  but this type of list taking, and in some sense memory keeping, sounds like something that would work for me.  i especially like that he talks about being busy vs. being productive.  i'm giving it a go in march and i'll let you know if it works.

this planner.

i am using a planner i bought years ago and it works well for me as a calendar and notebook.  but it's a plain black, nothing special, office depot binder.  this would just brighten my days.  soft leather, bright yellow color and so en vogue.  i will get everything organized with this, right? the only problem is that you can't find it anywhere. it looks like it's being re-stocked and all the local shops are out.  but i'll keep looking.

these colors.

peach and mint. so 80's. but so fresh. throw in some silver and gold and i'm good.  lots of potential for pretty things. items from target dollar spot and michael's.

these cupcakes.
source: a beautiful mess
the oscars are this sunday.  how fun would these be?  recipe found here.

this song.

the other day i went for a run with my new phone.  and then i realized that i hadn't downloaded my run playlist yet.  after a brief panic attack and talking myself out of going home i found comfort in the imagine dragons station on pandora.  and then this song came on and it changed my mood. it made my run more enjoyable and brought a big smile to my face.

this kitchen gadget.

i used my crock pot this week to make balsamic pork roast and it was so good.  i set it up at lunch, ran it on high for four hours and let it sit in the crock pot until dinner time. it has inspired me to look for more easy to make crock pot recipes.

this quote.
here's to imperfection.

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