Friday, August 23, 2013

high school | week one

we have (almost) made it through the first week of high school.  we are so tired and ready for the weekend to be here.

the night before school started we met up with jordan's friend and classmate to have our end of the summer, let's start school off with a party get together.  andrew and sofia were spending a few days with family so it was just me and jord.  we met up at mulberry street pizza - is there any other place to go?

jord spotted this autograph on the wall of dave grohl from the foo fighters.

we are up at 5:45 for me and 6:00 am for him every morning to get ready for the day.  his school works off a block schedule so he has 4 classes on blue day and 3 classes on gold day.  gold day also has an x period where they can do homework or study with their teachers.  kind of awesome.  the problem is he has to remember what color day it is and make sure he takes those books and notebooks to school that day.

he decided on a two backpack system for organization.  one backpack holds his blue day class books and notebooks and the other holds his gold day books and notebooks.  he's hoping that will keep him organized and with the right books on the right day.  we'll have to see if this works.

we got to school around 7:30 on monday, just in time to get the embarrassing picture in front of school. they are such good sports.

jordan and ryan have been friends and classmates since pre-school.  they are more like brothers at this point.  we are so happy that ryan (and his parents) chose this as their high school.  maybe we should start looking at colleges together. ; )

day one, and the rest of the week, ran smoothly for jord.  he's been going to school for a few weeks now with band and water polo practice, so he's familiar with the campus and has friends already. he said his teachers are all nice and he's happy with his class load.  phew, huge relief for me.

after school we went to the barber shop to get a clean cut.  they have very strict rules on hair, shoes, clothing, etc.

for dinner we had a date at our favorite mexican place.  it's so nice to hang out just the two of us.  something that i  can already feel slipping away as he gets busier with his own life and not willing to go along with us everywhere.  so i'll enjoy it while i can.

but he is busy.  water polo practice started on tuesday.  wednesday he had a full day of classes then it was practice, a quick bite for dinner and then band til 9pm. the first school football game is next friday. we'll get a chance to see him march during half-time - so excited!!

i think he's adjusting well.  he has to focus on his time management for sure with such a packed schedule.  but that's something he's pretty good at thanks to cha.

the first few days of school i was home alone.  i had plans to get so much done while jord was at school but of course the time went by so quickly.  i did get laundry done and cleaned out my closet. but the kids rooms never got touched.

and while i waited for jordan to finish water polo practice, i cruised ventura blvd. and went into shops i've been wanting to see.

a nice way to spend the afternoon.

the kids spent time with their grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncle in the pool.

eating s'mores, playing skip-bo, eating pancakes, and going to disneyland.

they finally got to ride the cars' ride.  and sofia was very excited that she was tall enough for indiana jones.

thank you to our family for spoiling taking such good care of them.  they felt loved and happy when they got home. and thanks for the pictures.

of course they had to tell bobby all about their adventures, which he thought was very funny.  he's sad to be missing these first weeks. but he will be home soon for a visit and then we are almost halfway through his time away.

so this is our new normal.  at least for the next week.  then the other two start school and it will be complete chaos!  not sure how i will manage, but i will.

so happy for a good week for all of us.

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