Thursday, August 8, 2013

family road trip in numbers

7 days on vacation.
1,750 miles traveled.
28 mpg on the nissan rogue rental.

6 states travelled through: california, nevada, arizona, utah, colorado, and new mexico.

337 photos taken. don't worry, i'm only sharing a few.

8 minutes the longest the kids lasted playing the quiet game in the car.
103 degree temperature in vegas.

55 minute wait to check in to mandalay bay. it was a zoo.

2 thumbs up at the shark reef aquarium. (well, one thumb and one pointer finger)

47 inches tall to play in the wave pool.
46 inches tall is what sofia measured.

22 the number of our cabana.  we couldn't find 5 beach chairs and this gave us space, shade and a tv.
10 people in the space when we met up with a family from cha who were also staying at the hotel.  total coincidence.

one the michael jackson cirque de soleil show we saw.  it was amazing!!
4 the number of times we heard mj's one album in the car.
35 dollars for frozen yogurt. ridiculous!

2 trams to see the fountains at the bellagio.

1,000 foot drop to horseshoe bend in page, az.

1 anxious and very unhappy girl.

12 sonic slushes and shakes purchased during the trip.

3 rivers pizza for our first dinner in new mexico.

26 dollars for tickets to a movie.

8 feet at the 4 corners monument.

4 limbs in 4 states at the same time.

2 baseball games at the connie mack world series.

900 year old aztec ruins.

3 feet tall to go through the passageway.

2 sand art souvenirs purchased.

1 to help him (the journey) and 1 to help her (the bear).

3 hour drive to albuquerque.

17 meals outs.

30 minute flight delay at the airport.

25 minute flight delay on the runway.

110 minute flight home.

2 phone calls a day just to hear his voice.

5 days apart.
87 more to go.

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