Wednesday, August 28, 2013

end of summer to do list

school starts in one week.  
one week to finish our summer fun list (not likely).
one more week of sleeping in, (or going back to sleep after jordan is picked up.)
one more week of no homework nights.
one more week of planning school events.

it's exciting, the start of a new school year. but i've been through enough of them to know how much work is ahead.

we have things to do, fun things, important things and why not things:

  • go to the movies one more time - we are seeing planes today.
  • have one more sleepover in mom's bed for sofia.  wednesday has been her day to go to sleep in my bed.  starting next week we're back to normal {right?}.
  • pickles.  everyone keeps asking me about the pickles.  we made jam isn't that enough?  
  • make pickles.
  • practice my chalk writing.  kind of obsessed with this beautiful art.  working on a project for school and i have lots of practicing to do.
  • sharpen pencils.  sofia needs to bring in 36 sharpened pencils. we bought unsharpened.
  • get rid of school clothes that don't fit.
  • do this for sofia to make mornings a little easier.
  • pick out first day of school outfits.
  • haircuts.
  • swim.  the kids have to swim.
  • thinking about going to the ronald reagan museum to see the lincoln exhibit.
  • go to the back to school bbq and back to school night for both schools... on the same night... at the same time?!!
  • make things work. there is no other way.
how many days are in a week?  wish me luck.

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