Friday, August 30, 2013

5x12 | august

first off, thank you for the comments yesterday on my post.  i felt the love and it made me stronger! thank you.

august was full of new experiences.  on our own and together.

  • we spent the first 3 days of august together.
  • we talked every day.
  • jordan went to band camp.
  • he also went to water polo practice every day.
  • i met some of the notre dame parents who helped us navigate our way.
  • we became a part of the school.
  • we went to san diego to celebrate the cutest 2 year old.
  • jordan got to see his newly painted car.
  • andrew and sofia spent 4 days with grandparents, aunts and great grandparents.
  • they played skip bo with gigi and great grandpa.
  • they are still saying "holy ting ting".
  • they were spoiled, loved and very well fed.
  • they went to disneyland and california adventure.
  • we drafted our fantasy football teams.
  • i got a c+ on my team - fail.
  • i decided not to do a half marathon this fall.  
  • i felt bummed and relieved.
  • bobby wrote revisions, visited locations and made tough decisions
  • he got a b+ on his team.
  • he joined a gym and went to spin class.
  • he's challenged and excited and exhausted. 
  • jordan started school and got right to work.
  • he was prepared and eased right into it.
  • he's made friends and found connections.
  • i'm figuring out how much i can handle.
  • i'm asking for and accepting help.
  • i'm working on being ok with not doing it all.
  • we're not wishing away the days. we're being present and living.
we're excited for what september has in store.

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