Monday, August 26, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 35

homemade peach and strawberry jam. thanks grandma sue.
we are soaking up the last bit of summer here.  the last of the summer fruits. the last of the tomatoes.  the last of the late afternoon sun. the last days in the pool. the last of our laid back mornings. i think i'll miss that the most.

lots of excitement to look forward to this week.  planning some fun things with the kids as we enjoy their our last week of vacation. the first notre dame football game is on friday and jordan will be playing in the band at half time and during the game.  but the absolute highlight is having bobby home for the weekend.  we can't wait to wrap our arms around him and not let go until monday when he has to go back.

weekend eats:
saturday: carne and chicken asada tacos with my family
sunday: ate out with my parents who were helping me with some house stuff. thanks mom and dad!

making this week:
monday: turkey paninis and salad
tuesday: snapper with zucchini and tomato
wednesday: chinese chicken salad
thursday: pizza
friday: football game fare

enjoy the last week of august!

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