Thursday, May 9, 2013

without 2 boys in the house

  • it's awfully quiet in the car.
  • we listen to a lot more high school musical and a lot less foo fighters.
  • we have plenty of milk.
  • i don't hear the drums everyday at 4:30 pm.
  • there is less laundry to do.
  • sofia counts down the days til they come back.
  • there is no baseball or volleyball after school.
  • there are fewer dirty dishes.
  • they aren't here to unload the dishwasher.
  • making one lunch is a lot easier than 3.
  • food lasts all week.
  • walking into their room makes me sad.
  • only one person showers in the morning. (not saying who.)
  • i pick sofia up from school 30 minutes early.
  • we have a little extra time in the morning.
  • it's just 3 of us at the dinner table.
  • i don't get to hear the details of their day.
  • i wait for a text or phone call. they don't come often enough.
  • no one feeds the fish...the fish!
  • i have to feed the fish.
  • the computer is available all the time.
  • there's no fighting or tears or tattling.
  • there's less hugs and goodnights and kisses.
  • something just doesn't feel right.
looking forward to greeting andrew today when he gets off the bus.  and jordan comes home tomorrow night.  bummed they have had rainy weather but it sounds like they are still doing it all.  hoping to post some photos next week.

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