Monday, May 20, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 21

fried goat cheese salad from market city cafe.
looking back at the last month of menus, i have to be honest; we haven't eaten everything on it.  we have been so busy, out of the house at dinnertime or just not had enough time to get the planned menu on the table.  we've eaten out a little more, moved the items around or eaten something completely different.

but things are going to s l o w d o w n for us starting this week.  i'll have more time to plan and prepare the meals this week.  as least i hope so.

weekend eats
saturday: date night: dinner at market city cafe (gotta love the breadsticks)
sunday: sandwich bar

making this week
monday: shrimp lettuce wraps, orange chicken, rice
tuesday: cpk dine out fundraiser
wednesday: pasta with creamy tomato sauce
thursday: buttermilk baked chicken sandwich, salad
friday: pizza

looking forward to a nice calm week.  i only have a few more left before school gets out.

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