Monday, May 13, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 20

post race meal.
what a difference a weekend makes.  kids are back from their trips. andrew is one year older. family is back together.  race is completed. mother daughter tea is behind me. i wish i could say i now have all this time, but the truth is i don't.  i have today, a quiet-catch up on things-no run-day off.  then we're back on baseball schedule, band try outs and school festival mode.

no running for 2 weeks for me. taking time off will be hard.  it's been a part of my (almost) everyday since january and i hate the fact that i will lose some of that conditioning and have to start a few steps back on that next run.  but it's trainers orders and it's part of the recovery process to avoid injury.  so i'm giving my shoes a break.

this week i'm going for a more balanced diet of protein and carbs.  it was a carb feast for me the last few days.  pasta, bread, bagels, rice.  it sounds great but i wasn't used to eating like that anymore.  i actually put on a few pounds, which is normal but uncomfortable.  nothing a 1,500 calorie burn from a half marathon can't fix.

weekend eats
saturday: salmon, mashed potatoes, vegetables at the cold spring tavern
sunday: tacos

making this week
monday: pork loin, lemon asparagus couscous salad
tuesday: shrimp lettuce wraps, miso soup
wednesday: southwest chicken salad: chicken, beans, corn, salsa, avocado on greens
thursday: salsa verde chicken tostadas
friday: pizza

hope your weekend was beautiful!

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