Tuesday, May 14, 2013

around here: may

everyone is settling back into life after being away on work trips, school trips, being an only child for a week, and that race.  it's good to have us all back together.

eating fresh berries that we picked at the farm on our way home from solvang.

 still feeling the emotion of completing the race.  it last for weeks and i love it!

 cooling off from the heat with shakes.  it didn't really help, just made me thirsty.

 recovering with a greek vanilla yogurt, berry and chia seed smoothie.

 loving my mother's day roses.

 my favorite kind of list.

 building a game for friday.  skeeball with crop circles.

 celebrating a birthday with lots of legos, of course.

thankful for all of the wonderful volunteers at our school.  my hand will be hurting but my heart will be grateful.

it's coming down to the end of the school year.  lots of activities, a graduation to plan for, a summer with lots of potential but no definite plan.  may is going to be an adventure.

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