Tuesday, May 21, 2013

before school gets out

another beautiful card from trader joe's.
the other day someone had the nerve to mention how many days of school were left.

ten days til graduation.
10 days til the kids are home all day.
10 days til it's a little more difficult to do what i want, need, have to do.
don't get me wrong.  i am looking forward to summer and time away from school and no homework, schedules or things to do. but with their freedom comes a loss of mine.

so i'll cram everything into the next ten days.  here's what the list looks like for the next 10 days:
  • reschedule the dentist appointment that i flaked on a few weeks ago because of a very important school meeting.  not looking forward to the lecture.
  • do some summer clothes shopping for all.
  • make jordan his graduation present.
  • schedule his graduation lunch.
  • get myself ready for his graduation.  it's gonna be ugly people.
  • get my hair cut (and colored)
  • get the kids' hair cut.
  • get caught up on project life.
  • finish the last two assignments from my one little word class.
  • find a new exercise routine.  hopefully one that will get me motivated to keep going during the summer.
  • research and book a vacation. a.s.a.p. looks more like a few long weekends at this point.
  • schedule those coffee and lunch dates i've been postponing.
  • visit this store.
  • eat here again.
  • spend the gift cards i won from crate and barrel and bed, bath and beyond.
  • get a manicure.
  • get the car washed.
  • clean out the pantry, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets.
  • write out our summer bucket list.
  • finish up some books so i can get new ones.
  • make at least one thing from my diy pinterest board.
i know, i need more than 10 days to accomplish this.  and not everything needs to be done before school gets out but it would be nice to cross some of them off.

i also want to enjoy the routine and structure of the next 10 days.  summers for us are completely about free time, relaxing and being on our own schedule.   

let's see what i can get done today.

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