Friday, May 3, 2013

a happy recap

this has been an interesting few weeks.  i've been busy with so many different things - it feels like a whirlwind.  i think it's because we're coming down to the end of the school year.  but i also think it's because it's life and life can be crazy sometimes.

here's what's been going on with us lately:
baseball for andrew has been hit or miss.  pun intended.  he seems to have lost his confidence and has not had a hit in quite a few games, until last week.  lots of talking to him and convincing him that he has what it takes.  the worst part was seeing him so upset.  we didn't think he cared.  but his attitude has done a 360 and his performance is starting to reflect that.

feeling a little emotional about jordan graduating in a few weeks.  nine years at the same school is a long time and this school is his home.  at the same time he's been planning for the next four years.  taking placement tests, filling out registration forms, auditioning for the band.  last week notre dame had it freshman reception.  it was nice to see all of these new faces together.  he will be graduating in a class of 24 and starting high school in a class of over 300.  he is so ready.

bobby was away last week on an adventure.  we missed him so much but managed to get through the week without a disaster.  he went from place to place seeing some amazing sights and dreaming of what could be.  i think his dream is going to come true...

and then he was home.

 hanging around with these goofballs. going to see "41" was completely inspiring.  maybe that helped andrew a little.

hiking with the dads and sons from our school.  they saw a rattlesnake on the trail.  luckily it had just eaten so none of the kids were harmed.  beautiful spot for a picnic.

alumni dinner at school. next year these kids will be reunited at this event.  this year they proudly shared where they are headed for high school.  such a close group of friends.  i hope they stay in touch and i look forward to hearing about their accomplishments.

i went solo to the school's gala, but i had lots of friends to share the night with.  it was a casino night and birthday extravaganza.  i won an auction basket filled with cooking goodies, including a $100 gift card to crate and barrel!  the night was a huge success for all.

the volleyball season is almost over.  not the best, but jordan gave a new sport a try.  next year maybe he'll try water polo.

he is also out of control with the rubik's cube.  i can't get over how fast he solves it.  and no, he doesn't take it apart.  he started a trend at school by getting one and teaching his friends how to solve it.  now they're all doing it.  his latest purchase is the 2x2 and the 4x4.  that one is giving him some trouble.  algorithms, twisting, turning, i am so confused.

prepping for 2 more events at school; the tea and the end of the year festival.  this project has something to do with crop circles.  

i don't have time, but i started this.

excited, nervous, jealous.  they are going to have a blast.  and looking at their itinerary, they are going to be wiped out.

tropi-kale smoothie.  yummy!

did my last long run last weekend. 12 miles!!!  it was a killer but i did it.  now we are tapering in preparation for the race next week.  tomorrow we run with the group, just 8 miles this time.  then it's off to the race and beautiful santa inez.  can't wait.

my sister in law and met becky higgins, a scrapbook industry icon.  she has inspired me creatively, as a woman and mom for many years.  her project life system is all the scrapbooking i need in my life.  doable, creative and life changing.  so fun to meet her.

loved finding this in sofia's folder this morning.

but this, this is a treasure.  i hope she always feels this way.

lots of stories to tell, but not a lot of time to sit down and record them.  that has to change.  it's not just about being busy.  i'm enjoying the moments, big and little.  and i want to remember them.  

i will.

have a happy weekend.

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