Friday, August 31, 2012

you make me happy

this labor day bobby and i will celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary.  it's hard to believe that we've been married that long.  it really does get better and better every year.  maybe because we understand each other better.  or because we tolerate each other more.  or our communication is clear - ok we are still working on that.  or we value each other and our family so much that nothing else matters.

whatever it is, it has worked for 18 years.  i still love him and he still loves me.  he still makes me laugh - out loud.  he supports me and encourages me and believes in me.  he challenges me - in all ways.  he calls me out, but he also let's me be.  he hugs and kisses me.  he holds my hand. he dances with me.  he reminds me that adventure can be fun and safe.  he knows my limits and pushes me to go beyond them.  he respects me and the life we have built.  he honors his commitments. he is a man of integrity, compassion and strength.  he lights up my heart and my life.  he's all that and a bag of chips.

he makes me happy.

B&B from Gioconda Mitas on Vimeo.

have a lovely 3-day weekend.

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Sandra Patricia said...

Happy Anniversary and many we can see more of these videos!! lol!