Tuesday, August 14, 2012

photo adventure:: venice

aside from getting another thing crossed off our summer to-do list, this outing to venice helped me pull out my "real" camera and take some shots of the vibrancy that is the venice boardwalk.

we went to the beach with my sister-in-law and nephews.  they had this on their summer list as well, so it was great to go together.

i wanted to get a gourmet sandwich at zelda's corner, but discovered that they are closed on wednesdays.  so i had to settle for a slice of pizza.

definitely not gourmet.

then we walked and explored.
a lot of the artists who display their creations wouldn't allow photos, unless you paid them a dollar.  they have to make a living somehow i guess.

then we took the kids to the water. to get their feet wet and sand in their toes.

love these of sofia.  so happy she wore this dress.

 ciao venice!

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