Tuesday, August 7, 2012

love and marriage

this past weekend we were with family celebrating the wedding of yesenia and mark.  over the past 13 months bobby's family has gotten together for five weddings.  all cousins, all so special, all unique and romantic in their own way.

this was the 3rd wedding that bobby has officiated.  what made this an even more special occasion was that he wasn't just joining together this man and this woman, but their family.  she has a son and a daughter. this day was about completing a family.

yesenia looked beautiful as her dad and son walked her down the aisle.

the ceremony was touching, funny and inspirational.

the vows blew us away.  i've been touched by all of the vows at the different weddings.  true proclamations of love and dedication.

 bobby really wanted to do something different at this wedding.  in the past he's done the hand ceremony which is so beautiful.  after some research, we found this hand fasting ceremony and it just seemed to fit.
jose and janizette actually did the binding as a symbol of unifying the whole family.  then they pulled their arms apart and "tied the knot."  not a dry eye in the house.

it was just perfect.

the next generation of cousins.  no weddings for them for a long time.

the reception was on the same grounds under a big tent.  music, italian dinner and lots of dancing.  bobby and i especially loved the photo booth.  so much fun for the guests.

the first dance was a highlight of the night.  they started with a traditional dance, but this is not a traditional couple.  they played all kinds of music as the bride and groom had a "dance off".  songs like ymca, staying alive, can't touch this, macarena, and the chicken dance.  it was a huge surprise and a lot of fun.  what a great way to get the party started.
we had a wonderful time with everyone dancing the night away.

this wedding may mark the end of the weddings in this family for a while.  but you know what that means?  lots of baby showers!!  no pressure guys.

we wish mark, yesenia, jose and janizette all the happiness in the world.  we love you guys!

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