Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a thousand words are worth a picture

i know you will find this hard to believe but last night at our back to school bbq i didn't take a single picture.

not one of me (nervously) speaking at the new parent orientation.
not one of me standing at the pto table getting parents to volunteer.
not one of my half eaten veggie burger because i was so busy talking to everyone.
not one of sofia hanging out with the first graders, 5th graders and 8th graders. she fits in anywhere.
not one of bobby talking to parents about charting the future and building our new school.
not one of andrew playing on the sports court with his friends and totally forgetting that this was a bbq so he didn't eat dinner until we got home. "oh yeah, i forgot to eat"
not one of jordan walking around with his friends as an 8th grader - his last year at our beloved cha.
not one of all of us sitting in the 8th grade meeting talking about graduation and washington, d.c and chapter presentation.  is this really happening?!

nope, not one picture.

but it was great to see everyone.  meet new parents.  see the excitement in (some) of the kids, and in all of the parents.  get started on some of the plans i've been working on over the summer.  

it really is going to be great year, filled with great memories.  looking forward to all of it.

goodbye summer... hello new school year.

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