Thursday, October 13, 2011


i read this and loved it.

i have this in the crock pot and it smells divine.  will make pineapple fried rice to go with it.

thanks to your suggestions, i have next week's dinner menu all set.  please keep them coming.

it will be 102 in the valley.  so much for the cooler weather.

i am uploading 100 photos to costco so i can get caught up with project life.

i am thinking about my journal for december.  i'm starting to see them pop up here and there.  will most likely wait to see what studio calico has and go from there.  christmas will be here before we know it.

i skipped zumba this morning because jordan had an orthodontist appointment.  but i will be there next week without fail.

i am so excited for jordan who is going to his first rock concert tonight.  i hope he will be awake at school tomorrow.

Source: via Gioconda on Pinterest

i am thinking about making these for the middle school dance next week.  i was thinking cute, not gory.

i am hoping to upgrade to the new iphone soon.  who doesn't need siri in their life?  i wonder of she does laundry.

i am having a wonderful thursday.  hope you are too.

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