Friday, October 7, 2011

celebrating sofia

dear sofia,
i  can't believe it's been six years since i carried you.
the moment you were born was something i will never forget.  getting to bring you into the world with my own two hands, it was amazing. - someday i'll show you the video.
watching your brothers hold you and love you was everything i wished for.
the bond you have is unbreakable.  they will always be your friend and protectors - remember that.
seeing the relationship you have with your dad is precious.  he always wants the best for you. -remember that too.
you are sunshine and smiles.
and big brown eyes.

you bring a curiosity to the world that makes everything new.
you are absolutely beautiful.  but don't let that get in the way of the fact that you are caring and smart - i hope you find that matters more in this life. 
you are adventurous, but cautious.  you remind me to take risks, even if i don't know the outcome.

you make friends with such ease.  boys and girls.  young and old. and then you nurture and care for that friendship.  they will never forget that about you.
you are independent and strong.  but you know when to look for help.  and you remind me how much i am still needed in your life.

you are gracious and thoughtful.  not just by saying please and thank you, but by showing people that you are thankful for them.
you make me laugh, and you enjoy that.

your strong will has proved to be quite a challenge.  thank you for reminding us that even though we had two kids already we had much to learn about being parents.
you test us.  you push us. and we push back.  we know that's what you want.  we hope we are doing it right.

you remind us to enjoy the simple things in life and be in awe of the little things that i may have passed by.

you discover and admire all that is good in the world.  never taking anything for granted.
you have such confidence in yourself.  i see you approach a new situation with trepidation but so sure of yourself that you do it anyway. - please stay that way.

your memory blows me away.  the way you remember numbers and parent's name - thank you for that by the way.  it has really come in handy.

you remember those moments in your life that meant something to you.  even though i may not have thought so.
you are wildly creative.  and you know how to express yourself.  in fashion, in music, and in art.  i hope i gave you some of that creativity and i hope you take it and run with it.

you have taught me so much.

thank you for telling me that "you are the best mom ever." i really believe it.  and "you look beautiful, even when you wake up in the morning."

thank you for still wanting to spend time with me, coloring, playing old maid, or reading a book.  i'm not sure how much longer that will last, so i will cherish it.
please be nice.  to everyone.  but don't let anyone take advantage of you.  believe that you are worth more than that.

remember this brave little girl who could do anything she wanted to do. - she can and she will.

you are loved by many.

but no one more than me.
happy birthday to my lovey.

love, mom


beannie said...

Love love love that crazy little girl!

Angela said...

Ah! You made me cry! This is such a sweet post, Betty. All your babies are growing up super fast.
Happy Birthday, Sofers!! See you tonight, love! :) ~Auntie Ang

Nancy said...

You made me cry, too. Such a beautiful love letter to your daughter. Happy Birthday Sofia!

Mackenzie said...

Happy birthday Sofia! We love you! You will always hold a special place in our hearts. (P.S. Betty, I'm not sure I can handle you making me cry anymore. Stop it, please. Thank you.)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Betty! You got it all in there and worded just right! Happy Birthday Sofia! Love grandma

Kenna said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sofia! (From 'fuzzy head's family)

Tito said...

Nena that is sooooooooooo beautiful..

Happy birthday Campanita
Te quiero!!!!