Tuesday, October 4, 2011

on being flexible

my tuesday schedule:

drop the kids off at school.
flexibility:  tuesdays are actually bobby's day to drop them off.  but he had a meeting to get to early so i took them.

i take a yoga class on tuesday mornings at the y with a great teacher.  stretching, concentration and balance = a peaceful tuesday morning.
flexibility:  sofia woke up with a cough and a bit lot of crankiness.  we made it to school but then made the decision to bring her back home.  that means that "peaceful tuesday" will have to become "patience tuesday."

tuesdays are my house cleaning days.  i try to get as much done as possible, dusting, moping, cleaning bathrooms.
flexibility - i still plan on cleaning today but will have to work around sofia on the couch.  i'll try not to get in the way of the tv.

finish grocery shopping.
flexibility - i'm still trying to get used to this new schedule.  i do my shopping on mondays, for the most part.  but with the gym, showering and fitting in some breakfast, i don't get started until later in the day.  so i ran out of time yesterday.  i just need a few more things so it will be a quick trip.  but now i have a sick 5 year old with me which could present an interesting challenge.

meet with the kindergarten teacher about room parent stuff.
flexibility - having a sick one home throws everything off.  i am supposed to meet with her teacher to go over the events for the school year.  so my mom comes to the rescue.  luckily she is only working part of the day today so she can stay with sofia while i head to school.

the plan was to come home and nurse sofia back to health.
flexibility: she is now drumming to the songs from her favorite show while asking for hot chocolate to drink.  is it too late to take her back to school?

this is my life.

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