Friday, October 28, 2011

five on friday:: trick or treats

today is the school's halloween carnival.  it's the first year i am not on the planning committee.
tomorrow we have a halloween birthday party.
and monday we'll be out with the ghouls and goblins scoring some babe ruths and snicker bars.

needless to say, halloween is here.
i've made a few things over the years that would be perfect to serve on halloween or take to a halloween pot luck.

1. mummy cupcakes

love this idea.  it's so easy if you use a boxed cake mix and store bought icing, like i did.  i made mini cupcakes for the middle school dance last week and they turned out so cute.  i drizzled the icing in a zig zag pattern and used mini m&m's for the eyes.  i ended up with over 100 cupcakes using 2 cake mixes.

2.  apple coffee cake

i know this isn't halloween-ish but it's so good i had to share.  the apple filling was just perfect.  a great, not too sweet treat to have with some coffee. the recipe is quite a process, not an easy one.  but in the end it was worth it.

3. mini pumpkin tiramisus
wow.  these were so good.  cream cheese and pumpkin filling, layered with whipped cream and lady fingers.  and then topped with chocolate shavings.  just a note, i made these for our kindergarten social.  i made them ahead of time and then put them on the serving platter and then drove to the house where we were having the social. i held them on my lap the entire ride over and freaked out as they slid and tipped over.  bobby had to drive 15 miles an hour the whole way there.  BIG mistake. i obviously didn't think this through and will do it differently next time for sure.  but these were definitely worth making again.  find the recipe here.

4. chili and chips

i thought i had this recipe posted somewhere on my blog.  maybe i do and i just can't find it right now.  super easy turkey chili.  cook up the ground turkey with a little garlic salt and then put in your crock pot.  add a can of kidney beans, a can of chopped tomatoes, 2 cans of chili beans and let it go.  no need to add seasoning, the chili beans do all the work.  i top it with shredded cheese, sour cream and green onions.  and look what i found at the store this week.

i'm such a sucker for marketing.

5. hot dog mummies
i made these last year for the kids but never got a good picture of them.  hot dogs wrapped in breadstick dough.  use ketchup or mustard for eyes.  recipe can be found here.

have fun celebrating or relaxing this weekend.


Beannie said...

In Australia, they throw apple coffee cake and it comes back to them!

Anonymous said...

The pumpkin tiramisus looks amazing! Ethel

Mackenzie said...

Maybe next time transfer the tiramisu in those travel cupcake holder boxes. They have holes in them and you could put the cups in each one. Might work...everything looks delish though, as usual!

Anonymous said...
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