Monday, August 15, 2011

weekly menu:: week 33

and the days just keep going by.  the summer is almost over and we still have a few adventures to go on.  it will surely make these last few weeks go by even  faster.

we started our day on saturday at the beach with friends.

the kids went boogie boarding, even sofia and bobby.

we saw a seal and dolphins swim by.  it was overcast all morning and before we knew it we were sunburned, despite our big umbrella and sunblock.

we ended the day at malibu wines with some other friends.

 this place is awesome.  you pack a picnic, buy a bottle of their wine, sit at a table and listen to the live music.  the girl who performed was a trip.  she had us laughing with her stories before each song.  i'm sure it had nothing to do with all the wine we had.

sunday we spent the day school shopping and swimming at my parents' house.

this week we have a few playdates scheduled and my sister comes home from her honeymoon. then we will be bottling our wine over the weekend.  hope it's good.

monday: chicken enchiladas, cilantro lime rice
tuesday: jalapeno jelly salmon, couscous with vegetables
wednesday: parpadelle pasta with summer vegetables (have you seen the cover of martha stewart living this month?)
thursday: greek salad with herb chicken
friday: eat out
saturday:  bottling wine
sunday: bottling wine

yes, i am considering making the pasta on wednesday but i haven't committed to it yet.  the one and only time i attempted to make pasta didn't turn out so well.  i'll let you know how it goes.

friday night bobby and i watched food, inc.  and wow, i was impressed, or should i say, it left an impression  on me.  one that i don't think will be forgotten.  we have already cut beef out of our diet.  more than anything because it just doesn't sit well with us.  but after seeing this movie i am thinking about making some other dietary changes as well.

i've been wanting to read secrets to a healthy metabolism  for a while now.  i'm hoping to make some changes to our diet before school starts.  i'm not planning on going all out at first, that's not realistic for us.  but little changes to start and then more if we feel the need.  hopefully i'll share our progress.

wish me luck.  and have a good week.

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