Wednesday, August 10, 2011

i want to remember

eta: i added a better version of the video.
-stating up late writing my speech.
-not being able to sleep the night before just thinking about the wedding day.
-how calm she was the entire time.
-getting ready together in the bathroom, like we did when we were younger.
-drinking mimosas to calm the nerves.
-riding to the church in the car and holding my sister's hand.
-seeing all of the girls in their pretty dresses.
-how good i felt in mine.

-these crazy kids.
-hanging out in the bridal room at the church.
-walking down the aisle.
-seeing gaby walk down the aisle.
-going to mcdonald's for a drink and some fries after the ceremony.
-taking family pictures at the reception.
-how hot everyone was when we were taking pictures.
-the girls kicking off their heels.
-gaby and jessie's first dance.
-the emotion came flooding out.
-sitting with my parents, brothers and sister-in-laws for dinner.
-laughing with friends.
-listening to my nephew chris play and sing "marry me" by train.
-drinking 2 cosmos to get over the nerves of saying my speech.
-crying as soon as i started to speak.
-hanging out with my cousins.
-my time with shay, it was so special to me.
-seeing my dad dance with my sister.
-the grease remix.
-dancing to every single song.
-the love in the room.

it was a beautiful day  and we are so happy for them.

here's a slide show with my pictures from the day.

Untitled from Gioconda Mitas on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, everyone looked so beautiful, what a special day! Gioconda, Gabe is so lucky to have a sister like you! Those photos, touching words, music that brought tears to my eyes and so much love that came from you! If we all put that much effort and into our relationships in life it would be a better world! Thanks for sharing!!! Love ya, Amy