Friday, August 19, 2011

five on friday:: favorite blogs

i went through my bookmark categories and picked out my favorite blogs from each.  i've shared some of them here and there.  hoping you find some inspiration.

1. crafting::  elise joy blaha
i love the balance of crafting, cooking and everyday life posts.  her writing is easy and yet i learn something every time i visit.  i also love the graphic look of her site.  she is redesigning her blog, so make sure to check back on monday. check it out here.

2. cuisine:: sunday suppers
i love the concept of this site.  they make dinner on sunday and then the following week they share recipes, entertaining ideas, photography and even flower arranging.  they haven't done a dinner in a while, but look back at their archives for some beautiful ideas.  check it out here.

3. photography:: penny de los santos  if my life had taken a different direction, perhaps this would be me (minus the short hair).  she started as a photojournalist for national geographic.  but her photography has evolved into a storytelling device for culture, food and passion.  she is currently doing a series of videos and pictures all on her iPhone.  check it out here.

4. design:: black eiffel
this category contains blogs for entertaining, graphic design, fashion.  this is a simple blog that posts ideas and inspiration all in one place.  check it out here.

5. inspiration:: ordinary courage
good words, pretty photography, a nice breath in my day.  i've posted her ted videos before.  she is funny but so inspiring.  she talks about the courage to be who you were meant to be.  check it out here.

there you have it.

have a wonderful weekend.

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