Thursday, August 18, 2011

how i blog

i am by no means an expert on  blogging.

but i did start a blog 4 years ago and have kept it going.

someone asked me for some tips.

i thought i would share what i do.

1. i use blogger
i use blogger because it's free. plain and simple. it let's me do everything i want to do.  if i wanted to make this blog bigger and better, (more pages, different content, more attractive)  it might make sense to pay for typepad.  but i just wanted to get started, and free was the only way to go for me.  at one time i had a .mac blog but that was only because we bought our computer and they gave us a deal on a year subscription.  i am happy with blogger and see no need to go anywhere else for now.

 i also had a food blog on wordpress for a blink of an eye.  i love their look.  and it's free too.

2. i write about anything and everything
i was so worried at the beginning that i didn't know what my voice was.  i started this blog to write about our family and what we do.  i knew that only the family read it and that was ok.  it also gave me a place to post the hundreds thousands of pictures that i take.  this year i got a little more serious about blogging and have been posting this and that to figure out the kind of blog i want to have.  in the end it may just be a blog about my family.

my biggest goal in writing this blog is to practice.  sometimes my style of writing works and sometimes it doesn't.  sometimes i publish my posts and sometimes i don't.  the point is to write.  if you like to write about food, great.  if you like to write about sports, great.  if you like to write about travel, take me with you and we can write together.  write about anything and eventually your voice and tone will reveal itself.

3. i make time to write
probably the number one question i get is, "when do you have time to write?" the answer is, i make the time.  i made a committment in january to write something everyday.  and i've been consistent, for the most part.  i usually write after the kids go to bed.  in the summer i am writing in the morning.  it takes me about an hour to write a post, depending on the topic and the number of photos i have that day.  sometimes i have a topic in mind and sometimes i don't.  but usually if i sit down at the computer and just start typing something develops.

4. i keep a calendar
this has been my best tool since january.  i bought a calendar specifically for my blog posts.  i can plan ahead what topics i want to write about.  i can look back and make sure i don't repeat myself.  i use the calendar to jot notes or websites that i visit.

5. i have a few regular posts
my weekly menu, wordless wedensday and five on friday.  these posts help take the pressure off of trying to figure out what to write.  they give me a structure and that makes it a little bit easier.

6. i give myself the freedom to change things up
i don't force myself to write.  i don't force myself to be funny although it may seem that way.  i do take this blog seriously but i don't want to pressure myself.

7. this is me
yes, bobby edits my work sometimes.  but for the most part this blog represents who i am. the words come from my heart and they are honest.  i use my pictures.  and if i do post someone else's photos i make sure to give you an accurate link.  it's important for me to be authentic.  note - 2 of the photos in my slideshow from the wedding contained photos taken by my sister in law.  i forgot to mention that in the post.  so sorry sandy.

8. i'm not looking to make money
well, at least not on this blog.  i want this blog to always be me, not kitchen aid or target.  although i'm not sure i would turn them away if they wanted to advertise here. i would however consider writing for someone else's blog.  that would be fun.  want to hire me?

9. i look for blog posts throughout my day
i think about stories and blogging all the time.  sometimes my stories come from a picture i took or something someone said.  i am listening and looking and aware of what's going on around me all the time.  that skill comes from studying writing my whole life.  you write what you know.  ideas are percolating all the time.  i use my calendar to write those ideas down and when i feel like i've got something i take that idea to the computer.  i actually have an idea that i want to make a feature on my blog, that will eventually become a book and then a show on food network.  just kidding family, i'm getting ahead of myself.  but it's something i've been wanting to do for a while.  stay tuned.

10. i just write
it's pretty simple and sometimes pretty obvious.  just write!

i am a huge fan of the pioneer woman.  she had a post on blogging that i love and you might find more valuable information there.  check it out here.

please, if you are considering starting a  blog, just write.  you will never regret it.


beannie said...

Love it. Keep going babe! You have a wonderful voice.

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