Friday, July 27, 2007

Guess Who

decided to jump in the water with all their clothes on, on the last day of Summer School?

Nope not Andrew.

She saw the pools and went for it. At this school they encourage wreckless behavior like this . . .she'll fit right in. She had to ride home in just a diaper because I didn't have a spare with me . . .last time that happens.

Oh and she is loving going on the potty. She is doing so much better than the boys in that department. They were 4 years old by the time they got that down. But now she wants everyone to go on the potty. Moms, grandmas, chewbacca, baby shrek, dinosaurs. Yes, you can find me at any given time taking her toys to the potty, and then washing their hands. I love having kids.

And guess what her new favorite word is? uh-hmm, let's just say she knows the correct term for her privates . . . and she uses it . . .all the time . . .at home . . .at the grocery store . . .at swim class. She has even used it as the lyrics to the Star Wars theme song.

Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, Janine here, Bobby's friend. He told me about the site and I just wanted to say that i loved reading it. You have done such a great job. Don't know how you manage with three kids! Sending lots of love, Janine

Anonymous said...

HI everyone, sure enjoyed seeing all of the great pics and wished that I could have been there with you! This is such a great idea and it's like a real reality show ! The Mitas Bunch! Enjoy the rest of your summer and see you all soon, Love, Claudine