Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Adventure, Part 2

We had a breakthrough tonight - just figured out how to upload and embed a video file. And now, for your viewing pleasure, a media slideshow of our houseboat trip. Enjoy!


Kenzi said...

That was amazing! I know Jeff and I had a terrific time and have worked "Sofia-isms" into our conversations. Miss you guys already and hope to see you soon!

Love, Kenzi

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Unfortunatly for you - because you have now increased my expectations!! What could be better than a slide show of your family On Demand!

Love GrandmaMom

Anonymous said...

Bob and I, just love the pictures. When we got home, it was too quiet, we miss the mornings of "Bob and D"!!

Let do this again!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. And yes, I cried the first time or two I watched the photos slide by. Simply beautiful to see you all having such a good time!

Love, Beth