Sunday, July 15, 2007

Everyday Conversations

This is the conversation I have been having with Sofia everyday:

SOFIA: Where Dewek? (Derek)
MOMMY: At home.
S: Where Lissa (Melissa)?
M: At home.
S: Where Mikey?
M: At home.
S: Where Becky?
M: At home.
S: Where Jeff? (emphasis on the "f")
M: At home.
S: Where Kenny? (Kenzie)
M: At home.
S: Where Bob?
M: At home.
S: Where D?
M: At home.
S: Where Tito? (my dad)
M: In New York. (My parents were in New York this past week.)
S: Where Tita? (My mom)
M: In New York.
S: Where Baji? (Gaby)
M: In New York.

She basically takes roll of everyone. The locations change, depending on the time of day. If I don't answer her she just keeps asking. It's funny, sort of. But she does this at least once a day. And when we say our prayers before sleeping she also mentions blessings for everyone. So sweet. Having a quiet weekend. My parents are home from their travels, so we will be swimming at their house later.

Tomorrow Jordan and I will conquer the fear of the swim team. Our church has a swim team and I have been taking Jordan to practices all last week. It has been an emotional roller coaster that ended last week with both of us in tears. We're not sure if it's just a question of Jordan expecting perfection from himself or if it's a wrong match with the coach, not the most approachable person. It also doesn't help that the coach has to yell at the kids to be heard while their heads are under water. Jord is having a really hard time with that one.

To help him we squeezed in a private swim lesson with our wonderful swim teacher that he's been going to for 3 years to boost his confidence. He is a beautiful swimmer. We are just helping him believe it. One of those situations where you question yourself as a parent. Am I pushing him to do something he really does not want to do? Is his fear and hesitation keeping him from doing something that he loves and is really good at? Is he just being stubborn? Am I? What will happen if I continue to push? What will happen if I don't? Is it all worth it?

Bobby and I have talked about this at length. This is a life lesson. It may not be the ideal situation for him but this is life. Sure we can change the environment but, then how does he learn to deal with situations that make him nervous or that don't go his way? I am torn between trying to protect him and his feelings and teaching him how to cope, even though it may cause heartache, both to him and me.

We'll see how it goes tomorrow. Wish us luck.

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