Monday, July 9, 2007


So now this trip seems like it happened weeks ago. That's because we just got back from Baja California for the weekend. But that will be another post.

We had such a great time on our trip. We water skied, or at least tried to, had a picnic by a creek, swam, floated, jet skied, fished, realxed, soaked up the sun, ate and ate and ate, danced, read, played games, laughed like crazy, cooked, went off the slide, saw deer, ducks, fish, snakes. Overall just had a relaxing, wonderful weekend with our family.

It was a great opportunity to get away from the hectic lifestyle and really focus on what's important; being together as a family and having fun. Jordan spent as much time as he could in the water. He loved going down the water slide, playing games and hanging out with Melissa and Derek. Andrew tried the water slide once and that was enough for him. He would rather get everyone soaked with a super soaker. Sofia hung out here and there, took naps, floated in the water, and was just plain cute. Bobby wanted to water ski as often as possible. He fished, played in the water with the kids and made sure that our boat was level every morning. I read a book for the first time in two years, thanks to all the helpful hands on board that would keep the kids entertained. I jet skied, and went for a ride on the tube. I tried water skiing for the second time and on the second day was able to stand up. That's a huge accomplishment for me.

Dinner every night was awesome: Pizza, hamburgers, carne asada tacos, BBQ chicken, pasta, tri tip, even the left overs were yummy. And then playing games at the end of every day was so much fun. We played cards and board games. The hit was Apples to Apples. I laughed so much listening to everyone argue their point.

On our way back we stopped to see our friends in Sacramento. They opened up their lovely home to our crew for a few days of fun. Jordan and Owen have been best friends since Pre-school and they just got right back into their groove. We went to the movies and bounced on the trampoline in their backyard. They took us to the Country Club for some swimming and margaritas. It was so hard to say goodbye but we were looking forward to getting home.

Since we've been home I have made an effort to watch less tv, and not sit in front of the computer as much. We've tried to be oustide more, well maybe not in this sizzling weather. Just slow down and explore, discover and appreciate more of what is out there.

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mbd7944 said...

Yea! I've been checking "Busy Bess" for the next blog and here it is! Those kids of yours are so cute, Derek and I have been saying everyday how we miss them- and of course you and Bobby too! Thanks for such a fun vacation....can't wait to do it again, in Hawaii next year, right???? :)