Monday, April 6, 2015

2014 weekly menu #15

spring break is over for two kids and just starting for one.  it's kind of nice to space it out like this but it'd be hard if we were planning a trip - which we aren't.  so we get to enjoy a slower pace for one more week.

we had some great food this past week. those amazing chocolate, banana and oreo pancakes, matzo ball soup, ham, some jelly beans, some peeps, some movie popcorn. it was a good food week for us.

i am keeping it nice and simple this week - unless i decide on this gnocchi dish for wednesday.

weekend eats
saturday: chinese take out
sunday: lemon chicken breasts, rice pilaf, spinach and strawberry salad

making this week
monday: caldo de pollo - we're feeling a little sniffly
tuesday: steak and blue cheese salad
wednesday: gnocchi with marinara, salad
thursday: eat out
friday: pizza

hope you had a happy easter or you're enjoying passover. either way hope you are eating well.

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